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Our Mission

Maximizing your home sales price and making the home selling process easy and affordable for all home owners.

Are we a good fit for you?

If you are thinking of selling your home without an agent or looking to save money when selling your home this is the perfect fit for you. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out everything. Come work with JupiDoor and we will save you time and money to make your home selling experience a dream come true. Please call us if you would prefer to talk with someone on the phone.

Michael Heslop CEO/Broker:

When I first started in real estate over 7 years ago I felt right away that realtors were overpaid! I wanted to give home owners a great selling experience for a fair price. At JupiDoor, we’re happy when our clients know they’re getting the maximum sales price with the minumum out-of-pocket costs. -Licensed in Utah, Idaho and Georgia

Ashley Hillyard:

The best part of my job is helping homeowners through the real estate transaction process. I love the chance to simplify a complicated moment in people’s lives. The real estate industry is changing! I love working for JupiDoor because they recognize that today’s homeowners should have pricing options. Saving our clients thousands of dollars without compromising quality of service is a massively rewarding effort to be a part of. -Licensed in Utah and Idaho

Kristen Austin:

It’s been awesome to be part of a company that truly wants their business to benefit their clients  more than themselves. Our clients save more money than JupiDoor makes on every single transaction. We work hard to make sure this is the smoothest transition possible for clients because we know selling a home is more than just changing your address, it changes your life! A business can be about  more than  just a bottom line and  I’m grateful to be part of one that is! -Licensed in Utah